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There are thousands of companies across the world that sell beard products. Why us? 


Well, why not? The truth is, we really don’t want to just sell you amazing beard products. What we are aiming for is to build a community of people that want to come together and celebrate “The Man”. 


But what exactly is “The Man”? Is it the guy that scratches his belly and drinks a beer while grilling up some incredible ribs? Is it the guy that puts on that expensive Brooks Brothers suit and heads up his Fortune 500 company? Or is it the one that works tirelessly at his 9-5 job Monday through Friday, making sure there is food on the table and park days on Saturday with his kids? 


Its all of them! They are all “The Man”! The Magnificent Man. It’s not just what you do for a living that makes you the Magnificent Man. Or the beards, the tattoos, and the swag. Magnificent Man Company is a culture of the Man, where we celebrate the man in you- Where we can come together and build a culture and community around each other. 


We welcome you to the Magnificent Man Company community!