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TLC Beard Bundle

A $50 Value at $45

Includes: Wash, Oil, Butter



The TLC Beard Bundle is geared toward the one who wants to keep his beard clean and moisturized. 


If you are new to the bearded game, don't worry. Our TLC Beard Bundle is the perfect place to start. 

- Use the Beard and Body wash in the shower to clean your beard and body. Then gently towel dry your beard. 

- Take a dime-size amount of Beard Oil and warm it in the palm of your hand. Rub the oil underneath your beard right onto your skin and pull it through to the end of your beard. 

- Take the Beard Cream and scoop a dime-sized amount with your finger and place in the palm of your hand. Rub between both palms until melted. Apply to beard, comb down and style as desired.

- Take a good look in the mirror - you have just become the Magnificent Man! You're welcome!



Cedar, Pine, Peppermint

Lumberjack is a scent for the strong and hardworking fellow with a gentle spirit. Imagine taking a stroll through the woods on a cool morning. Enjoy a woody scent with just a hint of peppermint.




Orange, Clove

For when you are on a hunt for that perfect scent that will give you clarity, focus, and still smell like a burley man without all the extra work. Well, then the Huntsman is perfect for you. Enjoy a spicy orange fragrance that will get you through the work day feeling confident.




Vanilla, Sandalwood

Let’s cut out all the extra! You are man’s man and you don’t need anyone telling you otherwise. You know what you want and you can accomplish what you put your mind too. Woodsman is a simple (but to the point) scent of a warm, woodsy vanilla.



Cherry, Vanilla, & Tobacco

We have all heard about the Mountain Man. He is strong, brave, and extremely independent and yet, there is still a gentleness about him. This scent will give you all the burly feels with a touch of sweetness.





You want the style but you don’t want all the extra layers. Go Commando is perfect for the one with sensitivities to scent. There are no essential oils or added scent. There may be a natural nutty scent from the all-natural carrier oils or butters. 

TLC Beard Bundle (Starter Kit)

$50.00 Regular Price
$45.00Sale Price
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